2008 HONDA CBF1000 The perfect all rounder in excellent condition! Comfy sit-up riding position, simple straightforward machine to ride, combined ABS braking with powerful twin Nisin discs upfront, centre stand. Beautiful deep pearlescent metallic black paint. CBR Fireblade derived 1000cc DOHC EFI motor. 52,000 kms with books and spare key. $5,999 with rego til 14th December 2021.

2013 HONDA CB125E LAMS APPROVED The CB125 was Australia's best selling bike for years and it makes sense. They're well priced, cheap to run, cheap to maintain and extremely reliable and rider friendly. Lightweight, nimble, low seating, sit up-right riding position, enough poke to zip around the city streets. 21,000 kms with spare key and book. $2,099

2012/2013 KAWASAKI NINJA 250 PROJECT BIKE LAMS APPROVED Repairable write-off for cosmetic damage. 24,000 kms. Runs great with Musarri sports muffler. Reliable and cost effective DOHC 250cc parallel twin. Very popular choice for such a wide variety of riders. $1,350

2003 KAWASAKI Z1000 EASY FIX PROECT BIKE Complete bike but doesn't have key. Looks fantastic with twin Staintune sports mufflers, polished rims, low line visor, old school traditional naked bike look. Runs excellent with 40,000 kms. Walk in rego. $4,500